wow he really hates school

This guy speaks to me on a spiritual level

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(not that anyone cares) Bunnie Darling. Not only did I doubt her from her meet the queens video and have her prove me so wrong but she pulled a Tyra and never LSFYL while everyone else did so at least twice and she is leading with the most wins this cycle and she is literally leading…

I’m laughing so hard at “crown the Bunnie [on Easter]” lmao


Category is: Springtime Nightmare

I’ve wanted to be a club kid since I found out what they were (I mean, what could be better than getting paid to come up with amazing outfits for yourself and then just stand around and look fabulous in them?) so I was excited to participate in the club kid prompt over at thedragqueenproject but I unfortunately was totally overwhelmed with work that week and didn’t have the time. However, I already had my outfit picked out (plus I wanted an excuse to break in these shoes, although sitting down was the only way I could get them into the frame with my outfit) and now that I have a little more free time on my hands I decided to throw something together just for fun! This is definitely more of a rough draft than a finished look but I really enjoy it and am excited to take a revised version out for a spin sometime!

I love this so so SO much!


this slays me

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I like that they run to Bianca like, mommy she is being mean. Call her the fuck out.

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*throws $20 bill at stripper* hey can I have the change

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My friend was chosen by a chinchilla once


My friend was chosen by a chinchilla once


Awwww leave the poor Lady alone…

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